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Negligent Will Claims is a specialist legal site for people who have suffered loss as a result of a negligently drafted will. We deal with negligent will claims and professional negligence claims against solicitors on a No Win No Fee basis. Public funding (Legal Aid) is also available where the claimant is financially eligible

The negligent will claims service is provided by Slee Blackwell Solicitors who are experienced lawyers specialising in professional negligence claims, especially wills negligence claims involving the preparation and execution of wills.

The law of negligence is constantly evolving and nowhere is the pace of change faster than in the area of negligent will preparation.

Our experienced litigation solicitors work in conjunction with our private client lawyers to bring you an unrivalled blend of legal know how in this very specialised area of law.

We are able to provide assistance with a wide range of professional negligence cases including:

  • Negligent delay in the preparation or execution of a will.

  • Negligent execution of a will.

  • Negligent tax advice.

  • Negligence in relation to the Testator’s Capacity.

  • Negligence in relation to the Risk of an Inheritance Claim.

We provide a FREE Professional Negligence Case Assessment Service and offer a range of funding options, including Legal Aid and No Win, No Fee.

For further information or a free case assessment call us now on 0808 139 1591 or email us at lee.dawkins@sleeblackwell.co.uk

For help and advice about how to contest a will, visit our dedicated website www.contesting-wills.co.uk

News & Articles

Negligent Solicitors Ordered to Pay Legal Costs of Will Dispute

Professional Negligence Solicitor, Lee Dawkins, reports on a Supreme Court ruling that Solicitors whose negligence led to a Will dispute should pay the legal costs... more

Rectification of Will Despite Negligent Solicitors Error

Specialist contentious probate lawyer, Naomi Ireson, reviews the decision in Marley (Appellant) v Rawlings and another (Respondents) [2014]... more

Contested Wills and Probate Disputes Rising

Lee Dawkins, a solicitor specialising in disputed wills, finds that the press reports of a legacy litigation boom are not exaggerated... more

Compensation for Solicitor’s Negligent Delay preparing a Will

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Clampdown on Cowboy Will Writers

Negligent will specialist Lee Dawkins warns consumers to keep away from unregulated, unqualified and uninsured will writers... more

Slee Blackwell Solicitors Praised by Independent Research

Negligent Will Claim solicitors, Slee Blackwell, have once again been recommended by the prestigious legal directory, The Legal 500... more

Professional Negligence Limitation Act

Professional negligence solicitor, Lee Dawkins, highlights the perils of the Limitation Act in professional Negligence Claims... more

What is a Privileged Will?

A Privileged Will is an informal will which remains valid even though it does not fulfil the usual legal requirements. Privileged wills are normally written but can be oral... more

Liability of a Personal Representative

The Personal Representative, or PR, is a person with responsibility for winding up a deceased’s estate. The PR calls in the assets, pays all debts and distributes... more

Question and Answer

What does ‘Intestacy’ mean? Intestacy is the legal term used when a person dies without having made a will. The Rules of Intestacy designate who is entitled to the estate. ... more

Negligent will claims form part of a wider service offered by our team in the areas of inheritance disputes and professional negligence claims. Whilst our lawyers specifically deal with cases relating to the negligent preparation and execution of wills, we can also offer help and advice for many other aspects of inheritance disputes through http://www.inheritancedisputes.co.uk/. We are experts in the field of Inheritance Act claims and also regularly challenge the validity of will on the basis of mental capacity, undue influence and invalid procedures. In addition we deal with executors disputes and the Court of Protection - Please visit our inheritance dispute site for more information. http://www.courtofprotectionlawyers.co.uk/ is our website dedicated to Court of Protection issues, with comprehensive information and advice, including Appointment of Deputies, Applications to the Court of protection and lots more. If you are thinking of contesting a will, there is also a wealth of legal information on our sister site, http://www.contesting-wills.co.uk/. This site provides information and case studies relating to the service that we provide for contesting a will. We are often able to work on a No Win, No Fee basis and also offer  free initial advice. Alternatively, if you are seeking advice on other areas of professional negligence (ie negligence that isn’t related to the preparation or execution of a will) then our main professional negligence site http://proneg.co.uk/ is likely to be of interest. We specialise in negligence claims against solicitors, barristers and other lawyers, as well as claims against surveyors, architects, accountants and valuers.